The Vivendo Group

The Vivendo Group was launched in 2008 as the parent company of five furniture retail outlets namely Ideacasa, Quadra, Poltronesofa`, Krea and Dex. Although a relatively new brand name, the creation of Vivendo brings together over half a century of experience in the retailing and wholesale business.

The Vivendo Group is the only one on the Maltese Islands able to offer an inexhaustible range of products and services, from standard simple furniture of an optimal quality to the design and project management of high-end residential and professional environments.

Vivendo places huge importance on customer service, and this is demonstrated by the organisation of its outlets, which are run by members of our staff who are specialised in each segment of the market, and each backed by specifically allocated resources.

Customers are constantly seeking new trends and ways in which to live their own individual lifestyle. Everyone wants to create an environment which reflects their own values, aspirations and that, most important of all, reflects the improvement in their quality of life. The idea that gave birth to the Vivendo Group stems from our recognising this need and our desire to offer a tailor-made solution to each and every one of our potential clients.

We believe design is not a luxury for the wealthy but a standard practice about the way we live our life, allowing us to create homes and workspaces which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contribute to a better quality of life.
The Group is committed to maintaining a first class customer service across the board, offering unparalleled added value to each individual client. We are truly passionate about creating stylish and intelligent workplaces and home environments.


Vivendo Group