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Verte Collection Group E


Verte is a door brand which draws on the most recent trends in interior design. Knowledge and many years of experience have helped us to design this modern series of doors which meet the current market demand.

The most advanced technology and quality materials allowed us to create a product of the highest workmanship standards in terms of quality. A particular feature of this series is the innovative envelope veneer technology. Veneer joints are invisible for the user as they are locate on the internal side of rebate, therefore, edges look better and are less susceptible to damage.


*Please note that actual colours may vary from those depicted on the website.

Decor Veneer

White Walnut
Walnut Verona 2

Cortex Veneer

Bark 1
Bark 3

Super Matt Veneer


Synchro 3D Veneer

Wenge White S3D
Norwegian Pine S3D
Silver Acacia S3D
Honey Acacia S3D
Scarlet Oak S3D
Dark Oak S3D

Perfect 3D Veneer

South Oak 3D
Siberian Oak 3D
Classical Oak 3D
Scandinavian Oak 3D
Oak Havana 3D
Oak California 3D
Oak Malibu 3D


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